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River Lee
Country Park

River Lee Country Park stretches between Waltham Abbey in Essex and Broxbourne in Hertfordshire this 1,000 acre park has a huge variety of activities to enjoy!

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Information update for visitors: check out anything that may affect your visit to us

Waltham Abbey gardens by the cornmill stream

Check out our opening times, parking arrangements and accessibility  

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Perfect setting for any event!

Perfect for kids and families to couples, walkers, cyclists and wildlife watchers.


Whilst exploring the park, please bear in mind the Countryside Code of Conduct and Lee Valley Regional Park bylaws.


Hot spots for wildlife

River Lee Country Park is a great place to get close to nature and watch some amazing wildlife. This 1,000 acre park is thriving with a wide variety of wildlife.


Fishers Green

Fishers Green is a wildlife watchers haven. With large expanses of reedbeds across Seventy Acres Lake you might be lucky enough to spot the wintering birds such as Bittern or Smew, a secretive Water Rail amongst the reedbeds or Shoveler feeding on the open water.


The mosaic of wetlands including lakes, wet meadows and scrapes around the park are perfect for wildlife watching throughout the year, look out for a wide range of ducks including Gadwall and Shoveler as well as waders such as Lapwing and Snipe. With plenty of woodland around Fishers Green you might be lucky enough to hear the melodic song of the Nightingale so listen carefully.


Lee Valley Animal Adventure Park

The farms adjacent to Fishers Green provide perfect habitats in its thick hedges and field margins for birds such as Whitethroat and Yellowhammer. The long grass make it ideal hunting ground for Kestrel and Barn Owl. Also look out for breeding Lapwing in the arable fields.


Cornmill Meadows Dragonfly Sanctuary

One of the best examples of semi-natural floodplain grassland remaining in Lee Valley Regional Park.  Its mosaic of rivers, ditches and pools makes it a fantastic place to see a variety of wildlife throughout the year. This is one of the best places in the region to see a range of dragonflies including White-legged Damselfly, Hairy Dragonfly and Migrant Hawker Dragonfly. Look out for Kingfisher too as you stroll along the rivers and streams.


The muddy margins provide excellent feeding ground for waders passing through on migration in spring and autumn. Look out for Common Sandpiper, Green Sandpiper and Redshank. The wet meadows and open water are home to winter visitors such as Teal and Wigeon.


Broxbourne Old Mill and Meadows and Silvermeade

Come and see the history and nature that surrounds this Hertfordshire site. Combine your trip with a visit to Silvermeade and keep an eye out for the elusive Water Vole, best spotted in the spring as they’re actively reasserting their territories. If you venture to Rusheymead Bullfinch can be seen all year and in summer listen out for warblers.

Things to do, see and go! 

Explore the great outdoors within River Lee Country Park. Let the kids explore the natural play near Pindar car park where they can climb and play in a natural, safe environment. Or have some fun with your four legged friend and try out the 500m dog agility course of jumps, hoops, high walks and an A-frame near Pindar car park. Why not try disc golf, a fun alternative to golf but without the clubs or balls. Disc golf can be found near Lee Valley White Water Centre, you can buy your discs at the centre or at YHA London Lee Valley. Download a score card. Are you a keen model boat sailor? Fishers Green Sailing Club is the perfect place to enjoy your hobby around like minded people. Looking for some farmyard fun for the family? Lee Valley Animal Adventure Park is the perfect place to play learn and enjoy being out and about with the family. Take to the water in the park with our amazing white water activities at Lee Valley White Water Centre or paddle your way round the waterways with boat hire at Lee Valley Boat Centre. If history and nature is what you fancy you can discover more at Waltham Abbey Gardens are Broxbourne Old Mill and Meadows. Discover about our explosove past at Royal Gunpowder Mills

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