Girl from a family playing disc golf into the basket on the course in River Lee Country Park

Disc Golf

Why not try disc golf, a fun alternative to golf but without the clubs or balls. It's free to use the course - we just want you to have fun out there.


The aim of the game is the throw a disc (a bit like a Frizbee) into the basket - the one who takes the least goes is the winner. It's a great activity for friends and family to do. Our nine hole course is located in River Lee Country Park just a stone's throw from Lee Valley White Water Centre.


You can bring your own disc but if you need to buy one they're sold at Lee Valley White Water Centre just pop into their reception and you'll be on par in no time. 


Find out what else you can do in River Lee Country Park - it’s great for cycling and walking, you can hire river boats or why not get your four-legged friends practicing to become the next talent star with our dog agility course

Burnt grass on the Disc Golf Course

Due to fires in the area, some of the grass on the Disc Golf Course is burnt and is sooty. Please be aware when walking over the area as this can stain your belongings.