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Concessions pricing at
Lee Valley Regional Park venues

We aim to encourage the use of our venues from disadvantaged groups, by offering below market, or concessionary rates for activities to help treat all people fairly.  Based on examples of best practice provided by the Audit Commission, Lee Valley Regional Park Authority (LVRPA) has developed a three-tier approach to identifying who concessions apply to:

  • People outside the normal working age

  • People with disabilities

  • People who are on a low income and in receipt of a form a means tested benefit as identified in the table below.

This tier approach is adopted by venues and services operated by LVRPA and venues operated on our behalf by GLL.

LVRPA's venues and services try to ensure that where feasible concessions are offered to these groups.  At many venues concessionary rates are offered in the form of ‘off peak charges’.  

Evidence for each concessionary category is subject to change dependent on central Government legislation. The table below shows the current forms of evidence that is acceptable.  Any changes to the evidence will be updated annually as part of the LVRPA Fees and Charges review process.

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