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Keep exploring during the winter months!

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Winter is full of wonder in the great outdoors, even though it might seem harder to get through the front door, the reward for your (and the kids) health and wellbeing is plentifully once you wrap up in your layers. Check our three different ‘exploring’ sections and find an activity perfect for you, your friends and family. Here some of our tops pick top get you started.

Frosty free fun

Wildlife are still hopping around in the colder months and the Wildlife Discovery Centre is the place to spot them! The Bittern has been the star of the season showing amazingly well through the reeds. The open spaces do have some other winter visitors such as the Smew and Goldeneye. Our helpful volunteers will help you learn more in the Discovery Room as well as help identify what you see out on the lake.

Free visits are hard to find in London but one of our smallest green space gems, Bow Creek Ecology Park, is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the nature around you on the island as you watch the river flow by.

New Year health kick

Get those steps in with our FREE guided walks around the park! We’ve monthly guided walks around different areas of the park led by our friendly volunteers as well as sensory walks in three different locations per month. Sensory walks are designed for those with complex disabilities but can be enjoyed by anyone. Check out the upcoming dates and book on here.

Head out cycling with our walking, running and cycling routes! Our page has been redesign to make it easier for you to find a route in your area as well as ones are perfect for pedaling.

Wrap up and take the kids outdoors

Cold and wet weather normally means more indoor time for the kids, but you can still incorporate the outdoors to keep them inspired until spring comes.

Get crafting! You can make Hedgehog homes, bird feeders and bug hotels that gives nature a helping hand and you can watch what comes into your garden through the window.

Wrap up warm (or in waterproofs) and head out into the park to take part in some natural art, collect seeds to grow your own tree or getting muddy in a makeshift mud kitchen.

There’s load more to discover on our ‘Exploring’ pages! They change as the seasons roll by so make sure you return in spring.


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