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Feeling new in 2022!

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

We all know January is a trial month right? February sees the days getting longer, the weather getting better (fingers crossed!) and those long awaited spring bulbs are finally making an appearance 💛.There is no better time to continue or even make a start on those physical and mental wellbeing goals while out in the park.

Taking exercise outdoors

It goes without saying that lots of people look at exercising more as a New Year resolution.

We think variety is the spice of life and workouts shouldn’t just simply be going to the gym! Run or cycle along the towpath (remember to follow Canal and River Trust code of conduct), take HIIT workout in the open spaces or even take up a new sport such as kayaking or BMXing! There’s lots of ways to shake up your exercise schedule.

Forest bathing

Shinrin yoku or forest bathing, is a method of relaxation that originates from Japan and involves you taking in and appreciating your surroundings. We know what you are thinking but trees don’t need to have leaves to be able to enjoy the benefits of forest bathing. Closing your eyes and feeling the cold wind on your cheek, touching the different textures around you and listening out for a variety of bird songs can all be enjoyed no matter the season and gives you time to tune into your surroundings. Soon the blossom will be back on the trees and you’ll be able to enjoy some blossom bathing too!

Wildlife watching

Nothing slows your pace and brings you in time with nature than wildlife watching. Wintering birds are still wondering and soon spring will be here and a whole new lot of wildlife will appear to call the park home. Flowers will pop up, bugs will begin to take flight and mammals will wake from hibernation and we’re sure you don’t want to miss the joy it can bring.

Natural art

Autumn and winter brings lots of fallen treasure to the floor which is perfect for some natural art. Collect up your resources and create your masterpiece, whether that’s a self-portrait, your favourite animal or a landscape scene. This is a great way to practice mindfulness, enjoying the wild textures around you and have some fun whether you are small, tall, young or old.

Inspired? Make sure you share with us photos and videos of you enjoying the outdoors and you might feature on our social media channels.

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