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Nature's Magic

Quick guide

Distance: 2 Miles

Terrain: Surfaced pathways including a small section of cobbles, wooden boardwalk, grass pathway and several bridges.

Starting point: Waterworks Centre car park Lammas Road, off Lea Bridge Road, Leyton, London E10 7NU


  • Proceed to the right of the main WaterWorks Centre building and go through the gate.

  • Turn immediately right and proceed across the grey bridge over the Flood Relief Channel onto the Nature Reserve.

  • Follow the pathway, passing the wildflower meadow on the left and the Wildlife Garden on the right.

  • Proceed along the path. (There is a short detour into a filter bed along a boardwalk on the left) leading to the bird hide and wildlife and heritage information panels.

  • Retrace the route along the pathway crossing the grey bridge back towards the Waterworks Centre building.

  • At the end of the bridge, turn right along the pathway, following the fence line

  • Turn right at the end of the tree line onto the surfaced pathway and continue along the edge of the grass area.

  • Turn left across Friends Bridge over the River Lea onto Hackney Marshes.

  • Continue ahead on the surfaced path, in a southerly direction.

  • Turn right onto the grass path and proceed to the black double gates at the entrance of the Middlesex Filter Beds.

  • Continue through the gates and follow the pathway around the edge of the site, passing wildlife and heritage information panels to ‘Natures Throne’ artwork and the weir at the western edge. Return through the middle of the Beds, passing the Magic Fish artwork at the end of the path.

  • Turn right and exit the Middlesex Filter Beds through the black gates and retrace the route back to the Waterworks  Centre building.

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