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Three Hidden Gems

Quick guide

Distance: 2.5 miles

Terrain: Surfaced paths including roadside pavements, steps and a road to cross.

Starting point: Canning Town Tube Station


  • From Canning Town Tube Station, turn left along Victoria Dock Road, and proceed up onto the  A13 slip road.

  • Follow the road and turn left down a set of steps and right onto the Bow Creek Ecology Park Road.

  • Follow the road, passing a blue bridge on the right and enter Bow Creek Ecology Park through the multi-coloured gates.

  • Continue through the Park along the surfaced pathway to the gate on the River Lea.

  • Retrace the route back to the blue bridge and cross over the River Lea.

  • Follow the pavement, bearing to the left.

  • Turn left onto the riverside pathway, keeping the river on the left.

  • At the round-about, cross over the road and turn left along the pavement following the Lower Lee Crossing slip road.

  • Turn right onto Orchard Place, passing the entrance to East India Dock Basin on the right and proceed along the road to Trinity Buoy Wharf.

  • Retrace the route back to the entrance of East India Dock Basin and turn left through the brown gates.

  • Follow the pathway to the jetty on the River Thames.

  • Cross over the dock gates and follow the path around the woodland, turning right back towards the Basin.

  • Continue along the pathway to the left of the Basin to the gate on the north-west corner of the site.

  • Cross over the road at the mini round-about and continue along Blackwall Way to East India DLR station on the right.


  • Canning Town Station

  • Trinity Buoy Wharf


  • Canning Town Station

  • Trinity Buoy Wharf

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