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The Artway Route 3

Quick guide

Distance: 3 miles

Terrain: Tarmac and gravel paths

Total elevation gain: 36ft

Cycling time*: 18 minutes

Calories burnt*: Around 100 calories

Starting point: Fishers Green car park, Stubbins Hall Lane, Waltham Abbey, Essex EN9 2EF (height barrier)

Art in the park – take a short cycle ride and explore the range of sculptures that are in River Lee Country Park. There are no repeats in these sculptures, all are different, whether it’s the materials they use or the scene that they depict, and what’s great about this works of art is they’re interactive! Touch, climb, play and explore them all to your hearts content.

There are two other routes which take in parts of the sculpture trail, both a slightly longer but still well worth investigating, take a look at The Artway Routes 1 and 2 for more information.

Along the route you’ll find…

The Glade

Depicting the world of the minibeast. The skilful blending of metal and wood forms the basis of this fantastic sculpture which represents the hidden world of the minibeast. From the tall flower protecting the ant to the smaller flora that grows closer to the ground, all these make up the minibeast’s habitat.

Wildlife Benches

Sculptures can take many forms and this one also doubles as a bench! Local wildlife are carved into each of the benches, Bitten, Water Beetle, Bream, Otter are all depicted on the benches. All watched over by the grand Otter to the side.

Play boulders

The sculpture that will they bring out the child in you?, these pieces are coloured and  designed to represent history of the area and its relationship with the sand and gravel extraction that took place here.

Stag Beetles

The mighty male Stag Beetle is depicted here battling on an oak log. Rotting wood is home to many creatures and this carving has them hidden throughout. Look out for carvings of beetle larvae and other bugs who would make this kind of habitat their home.

Bird Transition

This large carved block of Portland stone showcases the different wildlife that can be found in the Lee Valley.


  • Fishers Green car park

Alternative starting points

  • Hooks Marsh – EN9 2ED (height barrier)

You can ride these routes on any type of bike but the best ones to use would be either a mountain or hybrid bike.

Please cycle responsibly in the park, for more information check our cyclists code of conduct.

*Cycling time and calories burnt are calculated using a cycling speed of 10mph and a weight of 10 stone.

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