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The Artway Route 2

Quick guide

Distance: 4 miles

Terrain: Tarmac and gravel paths

Total elevation gain: 43ft

Cycling time*: 24 minutes

Calories burnt*: Around 145 calories

Starting point: Hooks Marsh car park, Fishers Green Lane, Waltham Abbey, Essex EN9 2ED (height barrier)

Meander along the pathways following this trail of sculptures which are placed throughout River Lee Country Park. Each one is different, whether it’s one that just requires you to stop and stare or something that shouts “play on me”. Discover these fantastic works of art that nestle within this 1,000 acre park.

Intrigued by the thought of sculptures and want to see more of them, why not try The Artway Route 1 which is slightly longer but takes in more of the sculptures on the trail.

Along the route you’ll find…

Bird Transition

This large carved block of Portland stone showcases the different wildlife that can be found in the Lee Valley.

Viking sign post

An elegantly carved Viking Signpost highlighting the old Danelaw Boundaries.

Stag Beetles

The mighty male Stag Beetle is depicted here battling on an oak log. Rotting wood is home to many creatures and this carving has them hidden throughout, look out for beetle larvae and other bugs who would make this habitat their home.

Natural play sculptures

This mixture of sculptures entitled Henge, Wind, Fire and Water have been created and grouped together to give kids their own zone where they can let their imaginations take over and enjoy time playing in the great outdoors in a safe environment.

Giant Chair

Calling all giants or anyone who’d like to feel like one. Climb up to the see the park from these lofty heights, no beanstalk climbing required to enter the world of the giant.

The Shrine

The piece is the focal point of the sculpture trail which runs throughout River Lee Country Park. This piece is carved from a huge Cedar tree and has different aspects depending on which way you approach it. The cycle route approaches the north side of the sculpture where you’ll see a beautifully carved leaf benches for storytelling tales, from the other side you see nature’s watcher, the Green Man.


Wow a xylophone in the middle of an open space! Give it a go playing it like a bongo to create your musical masterpiece. Just behind the sculpture is Lee Valley White Water Centre offers rafting, canoeing, hydrospeeding and hot dog sessions – everything that will ensure you get wet and have fun. The site has a licensed café so makes a great refuelling point during your ride, take it easy and watch others take on the rapids.

The Viking Ship

The skeletal hull of this ship invokes images of the days gone by when the Vikings travelled the Lee. Weave in and out of its uprights or imagine yourself as a great Viking warrior about to travel the river in search of new lands.


  • Lee Valley White Water Centre


  • YHA – 3 minutes from the route

  • Lee Valley White Water Centre

Alternative starting points

  • Pindar Car Park - EN8 9AJ (height barrier)

  • Lee Valley White Water Centre – EN9 0AS

You can ride these routes on any type of bike but the best ones to use would be either a mountain or hybrid bike.

Please cycle responsibly in the park, for more information check our cyclists code of conduct.

*Cycling time and calories burnt are calculated using a cycling speed of 10mph and a weight of 10 stone.

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