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Monks and Meadows

Quick guide

Distance: 5 Miles

Terrain: Surfaced pathways and grassed pathways through Cornmill Meadows, several bridges, narrow kissing gates and a stile.

Starting point: Waltham Abbey Gardens car park, Abbey View, Waltham Abbey, Essex, EN9 1XQ


  • From Waltham Abbey Gardens car park follow the pathway into the gardens towards the building.

  • At the pavement sign at the end of the railings of the Parish Office, turn right and head north crossing the wooden bridge over Cornmill Stream.

  • Follow the path through the underpass and into Cornmill Meadows.

  • Bear to the right along the fence line until you reach the kissing gate.

  • Pass through the gate and follow the grass path alongside the river heading north.

  • Continue along the path until you reach the Weir. Turn right over the bridge and then turn left onto the pathway, keeping the fence line on your left until you reach a kissing gate.

  • Proceed through the kissing gate and follow the public footpath to the corner of the fence.

  • Remaining on the footpath, cross the field diagonally to the hedge line and then follow this north until you reach a stile.

  • Continue over the stile and turn left down the track, proceeding over two bridges into Hooks Marsh car park.

  • Proceed towards and around the metal field gate opposite and bear left onto Waltons Walk, heading in a south direction, keeping the river on the left.

  • Continue past Hooks Marsh Lake, the Dave Stocker Sluices on the left and Hall Marsh Scrape on your right.

  • At the end of Waltons Walk turn left onto the roadside pavement, passing Royal Gunpowder Mills.

  • Proceed over the zebra crossing and turn left towards the Church.

  • Once in front of the church follow the pathway on the right around the building.

  • Bear to the left following the diagonal path through Abbey Gardens and rose garden back to the car park.


  • Waltham Abbey town, opposite Abbey Church – 1 minute from route.


  • Waltham Abbey town centre

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