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Gunpowder Woodland Trail

Quick guide

Distance: 1.75 Miles

Terrain: Surfaced pathways including a wooden boardwalk.

Starting point: Gunpowder Park car park, Sewardstone Road, Waltham Abbey, Essex, EN9 3GP


  • Enter Gunpowder Park entrance via the entrance to the left of the Field Station.  Proceed on the surfaced pathway, continuing up and over the hill.  (The Meridian viewpoint is a short detour from the route. Turn left at the top of the hill and follow the pathway)

  • At the T-junction turn left, proceeding along the path, alongside the bridleway.

  • Turn left at the next junction and then right towards the wet woodland area, Osier Marsh.

  • Continue along the boardwalk through the wet woodland, passing a bird hide and seasonal pond on your right.

  • At the end of boardwalk bear to the left (a metal bird screen and seasonal pool is a short diversion to the right) and continue along the pathway.

  • Turn right at the T-junction and follow the path, passing the Hazel, Blackthorn and Elderberry shrubs.

  • Pass through the bollards on the perimeter of the site and turn left onto Sewardstone Road.

  • Follow the pavement up and over the hill.

  • Turn left through a small metal gate, re-entering Gunpowder Park. Follow the hard surfaced path, which leads back to the Field Station. (The Spiral Mound viewpoint is a short detour from the route. Turn right, in front of the Field Station).


  • Gunpowder Park Field Station.

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