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What kind of visitor are you?

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

With 26 miles and hundreds of days and stays to discover, finding what you want to do in the Lee Valley can be a little overwhelming. Take our quiz to find the profile that best suits you and then explore our personalised mood board full of inspiration made for you.

Answer the five questions below and find the perfect profile for you!

1. Where would we find you on the weekend?

a. Finding a new experience to have

b. Warming up for a day of sport

c. Surrounded by nature

d. In a bird hide

2. You wake up and the sun is shining what’s the first thing you do?

a. See if my friends are around for a day out

b. Find the nearest watersports centre

c. Pack up the backpack for a day outdoors

d. See what’s in bloom in my local garden

3. What do you never leave the home without?

a. Change of clothes

b. Trainers

c. Map

d. Wildlife ID book

4. What’s your favourite TV programme?

a. Rob & Romesh Vs

b. League of Their Own

c. Countryfile

d. Life on Earth

5. Who is your favourite celebrity?

a. Laura Kenny

b. Garth Southgate

c. Bear Grylls

d. David Attenborough

Mostly As

The adventurer

Wetsuit, helmet, map, tent? Check ✅ This adventurer is ready for anything that comes their way! They're the organiser of the best activity days and love to share experiences with others whether that's friends, kids and grandchildren 🧒🏻

Mostly Bs

The sport fanatics

Whether is pedalling, paddling or playing, if it’s a sport this enthusiast will try their hand at it 🛶 You'll catch them in their spare time pushing iron at the gym, exploring running trails and anything that gets those feel good endorphins pumping 💪🏻

Mostly Cs

The explorer

Walking through the undergrown and making dens is this explorers speciality! They'll take you on a journey in the great outdoors from treasure hunting to minibeast safaris and of course soaking up the summer breeze ☀️

Mostly Ds

The wildlife lover

Never seen without a backpack, our wildlife lovers take the time to stop and stare at the wonderful wildlife around us 🦋 They see the world through a lens whether that’s to see things up close or from far away!

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Aug 13, 2022

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