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Sharing your park pics!

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Explore Lee Valley Regional Park through the lens of our visitor this #PhotoMonth

We’re so lucky to have been able to appreciate and capture the little moments in life over the past year whether that’s soaking up the sights of nature, reuniting with friends or even playing in the snow! Now it’s time to share some of those moments our visitors have had in the park over the past 12 months.

First and last light

Nothing beats the glow of the sun in the horizon as it silhouettes the tree and glistens off the water.

Blooming blossoms

April saw the first #BlossomWatch day in the UK. Waltham Abbey Gardens’ pathways has a wonderful archway of blossoms that appear every spring. Perfect for Blossom Bathing!

Rows of trees with blossom

Returning to much loved places and people

We’ve been apart from the places and people we love, but we’re slowly being reunited and better days are coming…

Surrounding yourself with nature

We’ve truly appreciated the outdoors and the mental and physical benefits it has brought us over the year. Here’s continuing our love and care for these special spaces for years to come. #LoveLeeValley

Keep on sharing photos from your visits with us by tagging us in on social media. If you’re a keen wildlife watching you can also upload your sightings here. We hope to see your snaps soon!


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