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Plant Discovery Day KS1

Key subject: Science

Grow your pupils knowledge of plant lifecycles as they experience the journey from seed to supper!

Students learn about a seeds needs of life as they have fun playing the ‘Seed Tig  Game’, discover plant variation by taking part in a scavenger hunt, learn about plant parts using edible fruits and vegetables and study the tiny seeds from which the produce grows, pretend to be a pollinator in the pollination game and plant a seed to take away and grow.
They will also discover how people use all of their sensory powers to learn about plants through an exciting mix of environmental activities such as making a sound map,  examining taste buds, using colour catchers to explore colours in nature and magnifying glasses to study plant parts in close detail, and group activities such as   ‘meet a tree ’, and  ‘smelly cocktails’.

Session covers: Working scientifically to observe plants including life cycles, plant structures and variation and to reinforce the  learning through a range of fun sensory plant based activities.

Suitable for: KS1

Session times: 10:00 - 14:00

Venue: Myddelton House Gardens, Waltham Abbey Gardens, WaterWorks Centre

Available: May - September

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