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Site hire application form


To apply to host an event within Lee Valley Regional Park, please complete this form as fully as you can. The more information given means it’s easier to assess the application and provide an accurate hire fee.


In addition to this application you must also send a copy of your event proposal / brief.


Please note:

  • This application must be made a minimum of 12 weeks in advance of the date of hire for small or media scale events of 24 weeks for large scale events or if a Premises License is required

  • All fields marked with a  * must be completed – you cannot submit the form without completing these fields

  • Submitting this form doesn't mean your booking is confirmed. 

  • Lee Valley Regional Park Authority is not a not a Licensing Authority, and if a license is required for the event, the Event Organiser will need to apply for this directly with the Local Authority’s Licensing Department. The Events Team can assist with this process and provide contact details.

  • Lee Valley Regional Park Authority reserves the right to refuse content for any hire that may be considered to be controversial or could harm the reputation of the Authority

Section 1: Hirer’s details
Section 2: About your company
Section 3: Key information about the hire

Hire period

Section 4: Site layout and facilities
Section 5: Site security

Please provide as much information as you can in the further details section.

Do you plan to do any of the following:

Section 6: Other
Section 7: Signature of agreement

By competing the Site Hire Application Form you agree to keep to the below terms. Failure to comply may result in your deposit being held and further applications in future being refused.


  1. A booking will only be confirmed once a hire agreement has been signed by both parties and the deposit is received by the Authority

  2. The hirer will not make any announcements relating to the event or release tickets for sale until the booking has been confirmed

  3. The hirer should supply to the Authority a detailed Event Management Plan (EMP) and all appendix no later than three months prior to the event

  4. The hirer shall inform the Authority where signage is proposed to be located on Authority land

  5. The use of drones is strictly forbidden unless the Authority have provide written consent authorising such use

  6. The hirer shall provide proof of event insurance to the Authority

To support your application, you should also attach a copy of your Event Proposal, a draft site plan and any other documentation you believe will assist with the application process. If you cannot upload your documents to this form please email them to marking your email Site hire application form.

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