Introduction to White Water Kayaking

Session length: 60 minutes

Course length: four weeks

Price: Junior £100  |  Adult (16+) £120

We’ll continue to develop and transfer all of the skills you’ve already learnt, and apply them on white water. We’ll look at a whole host of skills to get you well on your journey as a white water kayaker.

Environment: Legacy Course

Experience required:

  • General session: aged 16+

  • Junior session: aged 8 - 16 - Parental Consent Form required

  • Competent paddling a kayak on the flat water including paddling forwards, carving and turning the kayak on an edge, and have an understanding of how trim effects performance

  • Must have paddled previously with a spray deck and know how to exit boat with deck

  • A reasonable level of general fitness (will allow for greater progression and enjoyment)

  • Confident being in water and be able to swim (there’s no requirement to be able to swim, although it’s highly recommended)

If you do not have good control on flat water then the Flat Water Kayaking Course may be more suitable for you.

We’ll look at:

  • Entering and exiting the flow

  • Adapting posture to optimise control of the kayak

  • Positioning the kayak on the white water

  • Understanding river features and choosing lines on white water

  • Swimming and self-rescue in white water

What to expect:

  • Ratio of one coach with to up to six people

  • Modern professional coaching and individual feedback

  • Excellent facilities including changing rooms, lockers for personal items and TheTerrace Bar & Café

What next?

If you’d like more development from one of our coaches you could book onto one of the following:

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