Rafting Unleashed

Experience length: 90 minutes, allow 120 minutes for your session

Price: £300 raft for six people  |  £450 raft for nine people

Age: 12+ years

If your team has already taken part in our White Water Rafting experience or you’re an out ‘n out adrenalin seeker then this is for you! Not for the faint hearted, you’ll get to surf the rapids rodeo style! Get yourself ready for this exhilarating adventure.

First things first, they’ll talk you through the basic skills and safety elements of rafting whilst on the lake then move on to completing our Activity Assessment. You’ll then be ready to hit the rapids! Paddles up!

  • To keep our rafts as socially distanced as possible, initially the capacity of our rafts will be a minimum of four people, maximum of six people. This will increase to nine from June

  • We'll always try our best to keep individuals together but this can’t be guaranteed unless you book a whole raft

  • Check in for your activity at reception promptly! The time will be shown on your booking confirmation. There’s no need to arrive before this time, however please do not be late as late arrivals may not be able to take part in the activity and will not be refunded.

  • We may need to reschedule bookings that do not meet our minimum requirement of participants – you’ll be contacted in advance if your booking is affected

  • Please ensure you’ve read our Essential Information and FAQs before booking

  • Please ensure you’ve read and understood our Keeping you Safe information before taking part

Age and weight restrictions:

  • All participants must be aged 12+ and individually weigh under 18 stone

  • All participants must complete our Moving Water Declaration Form prior to your activity

  • Participants aged under 18 years must have our Parental Consent Form signed by their legal parent/guardian before being able to participate in a moving water based activity at the centre

  • Participants aged between 12 – 16 years must have their legal parent/guardian remaining on site at Lee Valley White Water Centre for the duration of the session, with one parent/guardian to every four children (maximum)