Angling in the Lee Valley

Waiting lists

Waiting lists status

All waiting lists shall remain CLOSED for the remainder of the current season. 


Any update will be duly posted on this page.


Important notices 
  • Strictly one contact response form, per person, per venue i.e. if you wish to join two venues waiting lists then this requires two individual contact response forms, additionally if there are two applicants then two forms will need to be submitted per venue 

  • Emails or multiple submissions are not accepted. We're not responsible for any forms that we do not receive, this is for waiting list places, not for season places until you have progressed up the lists (currently except North Met Pit) 

  • Spaces shall be allocated on a first come first served basis once announcements are made on this page

  • All unsuccessful forms will not count towards future waiting lists. Successful waiting list applicants will be notified by email when possible

  • For fisheries that have places currently available, please ensure your form is correct for the fishery and the season you're applying to join. We'll get back to you at the earliest opportunity

The Fisheries Office is operational during weekday office hours only and is not open to the public, therefore please email us at

Renewing your permit


Waiting list venues: for existing permit holders on waiting list venues, (Ashley, Bowyers Water, Glen Faba, North Met Pit or Stanstead Innings) you’ll receive an application form through the postal system in time for the beginning of the new season.  A deadline date for renewing your permit will be indicated in the accompanying letter. Deadline dates are regularly updated on our waiting list section of the website.


Non-waiting list venues: as with waiting list venues we have an automatic renewal system whereby existing members shall receive an application form through the postal system.