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Volunteer Committee member

Colin Short
Colin Short

Lee Valley Fisheries (managed by Aquamaintain)

Colin has been volunteering in the park since 1985 when he did his first fisheries working party at Slipe Lane for the Turnford Consortium. Subsequently he was a bailiff/warden, then warden co-ordinator and a member of the fishery management committee. 

Working with a group of volunteers from all of the fisheries, he helped to revamp the Ashley fishery after a club terminated it’s lease and he was appointed the warden co-ordinator.  The team then became members of the Fisheries Task Force who are responsible for carrying out repairs and improvements to all of the angling venues, including the redevelopment of the Park’s two day ticket waters, Banjo and Stock Pit at Stanstead Innings. 

Since retiring, he spends two days a week helping the fisheries team with their day to day workload with other retired members of the Task Force, including the bi annual electro fishing survey that provides information on fish populations for LVRP biodiversity and the Herts Wildlife Trust.  

Volunteering has given him the opportunity to spend more time outdoors developing his fishery management knowledge/skills and LANTRA qualifications.

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