Stage 2 - Initial Accreditation

Session length: 90 minutes

Price: £21 (session only)  |  Session with bike and helmet hire £33 adult /£29 junior (under 18)  |  Session with bike, helmet, shoes and gloves £40

Age: 12+ years

Minimum height: 145cm / 4ft 9ins (for bike hire)

Equipment hire: Gloves £3  |  Look Keo Cleats £7

The Stage 2 assessment covers a range of group riding skills within the basic training exercises learned in Stage 1.

You'll be assessed against the specific criteria below:

  • Independently clip in to pedals and start

  • Stop safely and effectively on the fence

  • Ride within 1m of the wheel in front

  • Effectively control speed to manage space between each other without 'kicking back' or overlapping wheels

  • Display consistent and effective observation and communication at all times

  • Hold a line confidently whilst riding at the top of the track less than 1m from the track fence

  • Change effectively from the front to the back of a line of riders in a paceline, completing the change within half a lap

  • Ride confidently and safely in pairs above the blue line

Once you have passed this stage, you can access Drop in - Unaccredited, Velodrome Gates and Stage 3 sessions to continue building your strength and skills.

Gift vouchers

  • This session can booked using one of our VeloPark Experience Gift Vouchers

  • Treat someone to this as a present with one of our gift vouchers

Essential information

  • You must attend Stage 1 before you move up to Stage 2

  • Bike and helmet hire is available

  • Track mitts/cycling gloves must be worn and are available to hire

  • Look Keo cleats are compatible with bikes provided and can be hired from us

  • Shoulders must be covered

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