Ride in Movie

Session length: 90 minutes

Price: £7 

Age: 14+ years 

Minimum height: 155cm / 5ft 1in

Maximum height: 215cm / 7ft 1in 

Equipment hire: Look Keo Cleats £7

Pedal at your own pace as you sit back and enjoy the ride to classic films. 

Please check the monthly calendars for the next film. Help us choose the next movie! Follow us on Twitter and have your say by taking part in our Twitter polls!

Check out our monthly calendar which details what session are available and their times.

Essential information

  • With all bikes it’s possible to use trainers as the pedals can be adapted. On both Wattbike and Matrix bikes the pedals have the SPD pedal system, commonly found on most gym bikes. Wattbikes also have the ability to use the Look Keo and can be hired from us