Pedal Up!

Session length: 60 minutes 

Price: £6.50 

Age: under 7 years 

If your child has mastered the art of the balance bike through VeloBalance, they can Pedal Up and progress on to pedal bikes. 

Using fun games and activities, this session teaches them basic skills for all four of our cycling disciplines for when they're old enough and tall enough to try them for real. 

Book today and watch your kids learn the FUNdamentals of cycling! 

To book this session you must be a member (which is free). Once you've completed your membership, please contact us through general enquiries at the venue and we'll help you book your session. 

Essential information 

  • This session is for children who're able to ride a pedal bike unaided 

  • During Pedal Up activity one adult (over the age of 18) is allowed to attend per rider 

  • Bike and helmet hire included

  • Riders must be able to: start unaided, pedal in a straight line, brake effectively (come to a stop, place feet on the floor without dragging) and ride through a slalom

  • Only one parent/guardian must accompany their child during their PedalUp session

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