1:1 VeloStudio Fitness and Performance Testing

Price: £50 

Age: 14+ years 

Minimum height: 155cm / 5ft 1in

Maximum height: 215cm / 7ft 1in 

Equipment hire: Look Keo Cleats £7

Regular fitness and performance testing is essential for serious cyclists, but it's also highly beneficial for those using cycling for general fitness and rehabilitation purposes, or to provide some structure to your training. 

These one hour 1:1 sessions take place on a Wattbike in our VeloStudio, where the coach will help fit you to the bike, lead you through a warm up and carry out a fitness test. Whilst you cool down afterwards, results from Heart Rate and Power output will be gathered and discussed to formulate an action plan to help hit your goals. 

3 minute test: A good benchmark test for regular cyclists to establish training zones maximum minute power (MMP) and maximum heart rate (MHR). Perfect if you are training towards a major race or sportive event. Our most popular test. 

Submaximal ramp test: A test for less experienced or less fit riders which helps establish training zones from heart rate. 

20 Minute test: The test for those who already have a recent, valid MMP score and wish to use functional threshold power (FTP) to measure their training efforts. Ideal for more experienced riders, especially those participating in time trials. 

6 second power test with 30 second maximal test: For track sprinters or BMX racers to test and track their maximal output.

Check out our monthly calendar which details what session are available and their times.

Essential information

  • With all bikes it’s possible to use trainers as the pedals can be adapted. Our Wattbike and Matrix bikes have a mixture of the SPD pedal system as well as the Look Keo system allowing you to choose what suits you best

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