Cyclists on indoor velodrome track

Track accreditation

If you wish to progress through our exciting four stage accreditation process, you'll maximise the sessions available to you and then be able to ride during track leagues and structured training sessions.

If you've experience of riding a velodrome on a fixed-gear track bike within the last three months, you can begin the accreditation process at Stage 1 - Developing Your Track Riding, and progress through until Stage 4 - Accreditation. Each stage unlocks more exciting sessions. Attend these sessions to develop your skills as you progress through the accreditation process. You don't have to complete all four stages in order to enjoy a weekly variety of session types to suit your needs.


On successful completion of Stage 4, riders can access the complete Lee Valley VeloPark programme including all fitness and SQT sessions, plus compete in the venue's track leagues.

Lone track cyclist

Track accreditation

Stage 1

12+ years

Stage 1 is a fun, engaging session that is open to all riders with track experience to develop their cycling.



Track cyclist

Track accreditation

Stage 4 - Accreditation

12+ years

The Stage 4 assessment criteria will cover a varied selection of skills and activities, from simple to advanced.


Track cyclists riding the track

Track accreditation

Stage 2 - Initial Accreditation

12+ years

The Stage 2 assessment covers a range of group riding skills within the basic training exercises learned in Stage 1.


Group of track cyclists

Track accreditation

Stage 3 - Advanced Track Skills

12+ years

Stage 3 is a more advanced skill session than Stage 1 and 2, both in the technical aspect of the activities and the physical fitness required.



Group of riders on the track
How to book a session

To book an accreditation session you must have one of our free online memberships.


  • Log in here or follow the link in your membership confirmation email to book your court

  • Select Lee Valley VeloPark from the drop down menu then select your activity and your preferred time slot

  • On the next page - select price level (adult, junior) and your preferred time slot then add to your basket. If you'd like to book more than one slot please click 'Add to basket' and then click 'Continue shopping' and repeat the step above

  • Continue the process of answering the relevant questions. If you're not already logged in on the basket summary page select 'Member login' and it will populate your details for you, you can then proceed to pay

  • Make sure you read Lee Valley VeloPark Terms and Conditions

  • Please note when entering your name and address details please omit any hyphens or special characters. When entering your payment details please ensure your details exactly match your banking details associated with your payment card otherwise your booking/payment will fail.

Shared accreditation partnership

We've standardised our accreditation programme to ensure our sessions are consistent with the five other UK indoor velodromes:


  • Derby Arena

  • National Cycling Centre Velodrome, Manchester

  • The Geraint Thomas National Velodrome of Wales, Newport

  • Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome (Emirates Arena), Glasgow

  • Calshot Activities Centre


In order to validate accredited riders from other UK indoor velodromes, riders must have proof of their accreditation (e.g BC UKIVA endorsement), and sign up as a Lee Valley member for free. They'll have to pass Lee Valley VeloPark’s two assessed stages (Stage 2 and Stage 4) before becoming a Lee Valley VeloPark accredited rider. On passing each of these stages riders can access the relevant Lee Valley VeloPark programmed sessions linked to those stages. On passing stage 4 all programmed sessions become accessible to accredited riders, including SQTs, specific accredited training sessions and track leagues.


  • If you're a current professional international track rider (with an elite UCI License) with approval from the Venue Manager or an Assistant Manager you'll not have to pass the accreditation process.

  • If you're a former pro/national track level rider or a first and elite category road cyclist you'll need to start the track accreditation process from Stage 1

Assessment criteria


Stage 1

Riders are not assessed against any criteria in Stage 1, and may attend as often as they wish regardless of their level of accreditation. Stage 1 focuses on riding for fitness and basic technical development in single file and pairs.


Stage 2
  • Independently clip into pedals and start / stop safely and effectively on the fence

  • Ride within 1m of the wheel in front

  • Effectively control speed to manage the space between each other without 'kicking back' or overlapping wheels

  • Display consistent and effective observation and communication at all times

  • Hold a line confidently whilst riding at the top of the track less than 1m from the track fence

  • Change effectively from the front to the back of a line of riders in a paceline, completing the change within half a lap

  • Ride confidently and safely in pairs above the blue line

  • Riders are assessed


Stage 3

Riders are not assessed against any criteria in Stage 3 and may attend as often as they wish after passing stage 2 (initial) accreditation. Stage 3 focuses on bunch riding and coach-led racing exercises, though it will also contain elements from previous stages.

Stage 4
  • Complete assessment tasks safely and effectively, often under race specific conditions

  • Show good ability to follow instruction in a timely manner

  • Change in pairs effectively from the front of a group of riders above the blue line, completing the entire change within 1 lap

  • Display confident, effective manoeuvring and safe decision making at all times

  • Riders are assessed