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How do you know about the real Relx Infinity?

When buying a Relx Pod System, we need to consider quality. More importantly, we need to be aware of the authenticity of fake products. For the body to be as safe as possible because fakes are always of poor quality.

But if we want to know what a product from the Relx camp like Relx Infinity is like. Of course, we collect information for research purposes. Preventing fraudulent sales

Discover the real Relx Infinity

Relx Infinity is a new innovation, because we can ingest small amounts of nicotine. But it does not feel lacking when you are full. This will use the heat from the battery instead of burning. Therefore harmless to the smoker and the people around but when shopping, it is still important to consider the true or false, we can look at these points.

The QR code on the side of the box If it is genuine Relx Infinity has a foil sticker on the side of the box and a QR code that can be scratched off to get all 14 characters of the code for online security checks. Counterfeit parts do not have the foil sticker or QR code, and the details are usually written in Chinese.

The compartment that comes with the charging case has a brass color in the case of the genuine part, in the case of the case hole area. It can be used with the Pleasure Engraved Pod System, but in the case of a fake, the charging hole will be black. And it can't be charged together so I want everyone to be aware of this at all times.

Looking at the front and back of the product box, there is also a point to note about the story of the Relx Infinity box. If it were true, then the box would be dark in color. There is an Infinity badge in the top right corner of the box that will be colored red.

The gold circle is on the entire front. The back of the box is in English but if it is fake then the box will be bright green, pale and have the name of the product written in Chinese. Otherwise the back of the box is all in Chinese If you see such a box, please do not buy.

The body of the e-cigarette ends with the appearance of the machine that we can easily observe because if it were real, the device would have a smooth surface. The logo indicates that Relx has a full round body on the left side. There is also a CE mark on the right side. But if it were fake, the device would be a rough surface. The brand name letters on the left side are square and the CE symbol does not appear at all on the right side

Knowing this, I sincerely hope that the purchase of Relx in Australia for use is genuine. Be prepared to pump nicotine into your body effectively without serious danger in the future. Sneak up on anyone who wants to quit smoking, this product is ready to help you in every way.


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