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Ausmetics (oem cosmetics contract manufacturer) specializes in the manufacturing of scientifically- proven, clean and naturally effective skin care, body care and hair care products. We offer one-stop service from ideas to products, which is including product planning, formulating development, package design, intelligent manufacturing, strict quality inspection and logistic transportation. According to Lily Hung, International Marketing Director of Ausmetics, In 2022, it has been characterized by an increase in inquiries for clean & natural formula products with sustainable packaging options. "Ausmetics incorporates life-friendly and environment-friendly into the standard of purity. On the one hand, from raw materials to finished product production, we insist on not adding any animal ingredients, do not do animal experiments, and ensure that all products are harmless to animals licking" Lily comments "On the other hand , the future plans to replace the packaging with recyclable materials or contain 30% PCR material." To meet demand, Ausmetics has spent time investing in its installation and manufacturing capabilities. “ In2022, Ausmetis build a new factory and advanced ministry we've coming online includes a state- of- the- art Rear Osmosis Water System( RO), fresh tanks and kettles to expand our compounding capacity, new hot filler expression batching and filling capabilities that allow us to address the increase in business demand for products” says Lily. “ Ausmetics have three new, completely automated liquid stuffing line which is meant for liquid stuffing 1/ 2oz- 8oz bottles, jars and breathless pumps. ” ​


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