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Waltons Walk

The section of LFRC from Highbridge Street to David Stoker Sluice offers a large number of swims varying in sizes to suit both specimen and general anglers. Please be aware of overhead power cables. Pole fishing is not permitted. The section of the Cornmill Stream runs from the Stoney Bridge area to the Gatehouse Bridge within Abbey Gardens. The bank directly adjacent to the old information centre is out of bounds.


Walton’s Walk: Has a good head of mixed coarse fish, particularly Chub to 8lb+, Barbel to 16lb+, Perch to 4lb and Carp from double figures up to 36lb. Tench, Bream, Roach and Pike are also present.

Cornmill Stream: Has Tench to over 9lbs and is renowned for the head of sizeable Roach during the winter months.


Walton’s Walk: Chub and Barbel are regularly found in the swims below the David Stoker Sluice. This area is particularly worth a try during the warmer months. The Carp will move all along the Channel so baiting a few areas along with a mobile approach will score well.

Cornmill Stream: Being a narrow, clear stream, the marginal reedbeds and trees provide cover for the fish, so try targeting these areas.


Walton’s Walk: Fishing the far bank can produce good size Chub. The inside line can take a number of small Roach and Perch. Occasional shoals of Large Bream can be found mid-channel. Crayfish are present in certain areas so air dried or artificial baits can extend the chance of a bite.

Cornmill Stream: All tried and tested traditional methods should produce here with pole or wagglerfished maggot, hemp and caster recommended.


Walton’s Walk: Three rods per angler. Poles are prohibited on this fishery. No fishing from the Eastern bank of the Flood Relief Channel or within the anglers with disabilities site.

Cornmill Stream: Two rods maximum, one should be sufficient on this tiny stretch. Look out for local “out of bounds” areas.


Walton’s Walk is controlled as a Day & Night Season Permit water. Cornmill Stream is strictly a Day Only Season Permit Water.


Car parking facilities are available at the Highbridge Street Anglers with Disabilities site. A security key can be purchased when applying for a permit alternatively for the Cornmill Stream there is the adjacent public pay and display Car park


Walton’s Walk: Highbridge Street.

Cornmill Stream: Abbey View, Waltham Abbey, Essex. Disabled swims are only available at Highbridge Street site