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Glen Faba

Glen Faba is a mature gravel pit of just over 67 acres with natural, grassy banks and swims. The lake is a maze of gravel bars, islands, points and bays with silty depths of 25–30ft in many places, hence location is the key to catching. The stocked Carp that were introduced in 2010 have piled on the pounds and have been caught over 45lb in the past season! Additional Carp up to 26lb+ have been stocked into the lake in small batches over the past few years, providing the lake with some cracking commons!


Glen Faba holds a small number of original Carp (30–35lb+), and around 120 stocked Carp up to 45lb+. Pike are also present to 20lb.


For the Carp, find features such as bars, plateaus, holes in weed beds and gullies. The wind plays a large part in determining where the Carp can be found so pay particular attention to its direction and the forecast.


This water is a conservation area, whereby fish are frequently seen in the margins of the numerous secluded bays. The water suits the mobile angler as the relatively low stocking level means that fish location is paramount. Regular observation and baiting is the key.


There is a limit of three rods per angler. The ‘Out of Bounds’ areas are NOT to be fished without exception. Do not under any circumstances park across any gates or entrances.


Glen Faba is run as a limited 50 member Day/Night Season Permit fishery. 


There are two small car parks for permit holders: 1. At the bottom of Glen Faba Road off of Netherhall Road and 2. In Dobbs Weir Road adjacent to the Crown Netherhall Fishery. A security key can be purchased for the car parks when applying for a permit.


Access from Glen Faba Road, off Netherhall Road.