Dobbs Weir, Glen Faba & Nazeing Meads

Dobbs Weir

Dobbs Weir is definitely one of those special places you’ll want to visit again and again. Relaxing walks, wildlife watching, history, excellent fishing, picnics, a café and  pub – Dobbs Weir really does have something for everyone.

It’s also an ideal base for exploring further afield, so if you feel like stretching your legs, just follow the walking routes to Nazeing Meads, Admiral’s Walk and Glen Faba.

Glen Faba

Just to the north of Dobbs Weir you’ll discover the wilder, less visited area of Glen Faba. It’s an area of water, grassland, reedbeds and woods – perfect for all kinds of wildlife such as Gadwall, Cormorants and Reed Bunting.  

Please be aware that access is mostly via unsurfaced grass paths, and at certain times of the year cattle may be grazing on parts of the site.

Admirals Walk Lake is just a stone's throw away and is buzzing with life with White-legged Damselfly and Daubenton Bats.

Nazeing Meads

Within a 10 minute walk south of Dobbs Weir you’ll find three large lagoons, wildflower meadows, woodlands and a delightful sense of tranquility at Nazeing Meads. These lagoons are perfect for wintering bird such as Goldeneye and Black-headed Gulls.

Fishing and water sports are popular here, and you can stroll around grass surfaced path.

Whilst exploring the park, please bear in mind the Countryside Code of Conduct and Lee Valley Regional Park bylaws.

Dobbs Weir

Dobbs Weir Road

Hoddesdon EN11 0AS

Glen Faba

Netherhall Road

Hoddesdon CM19 5EX

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