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Booking gurantee

Keeping you Safe at Lee Valley White Water Centre

Throughout the Coronavirus outbreak, keeping our visitors, staff and volunteers safe has been our top priority.

To help ensure everyone’s safety we need you to follow these instructions.

NHS Test and Trace

When visiting our venues please check in with the  NHS Test and Trace If you don’t have a smart phone or  you run into any problems our team are on hand to help. 

Protecting our staff

  • Before you enter the reception area please make sure you're using the correct access point and wait in the designated queuing point until a member of our team is available to assist you

  • In our reception and café we have protective screens. We encourage people to observe any distance markings – these are in place for the safety of you and our staff. 

  • If you have any questions or concerns during you visit don't hesitate to speak to a member of our team

Visiting the site

  • If you or anyone in your household is experiencing any signs of illness don't come to the venue

  • We expect and recommend that you wear face coverings in our venues when people are nearby and especially in busy areas. . They can be removed if instructed by a member of staff so that activities can be undertaken and for consuming food when seated

  • In order to minimise risk we would encourage 1m+ social distancing. You should limit the close contact you have with those you do not usually live with. Please be considerate of other visitors and give them space

  • Please pay close attention to the signage that's in place across the venue

  • Hand sanitiser is available at multiple locations on site, but we also recommend that you also bring your own

  • Please take note of the closing time of the venue, there'll be regular announcements made through our PA system at the venue. We appreciate your compliance

  • If you're driving to the site please use the designated parking spaces. Please make sure you park leaving space to adequately socially distance. If other people are nearby, please wait for them to move on before exiting your vehicle

  • Cleaning frequency has increased and we're using new sanitation equipment in communal indoor areas, toilet and changing facilities

  • Please put all litter in the bins located around the venue.

Available facilities

  • Changing facilities will only be available for activity participants only

  • Please keep the activity zone area clear unless you're participating

  • Toilets are located on the first floor of the building and can be accessed via The Terrace Bar & Cafe decking at the rear of the building

  • A lift is available for visitors with reduced mobility via reception

  • While moving around venue please be considerate and give people The sand pit and children’s play area are open, children must be supervised at all times

The Terrace Bar & Café

  • The Terrace Bar & Café is open with limited seating inside and outside, the café must be accessed via the decking at the rear of the main building

  • Only cashless payments are accepted

  • When purchasing your items please follow the one way system

  • In order to minimise risk we would encourage 1m+ social distancing - please be considerate of other visitors and give them space

  • Alcohol is available to purchase but we’re not offering draught beer at this time

  • A limited menu is currently being served

  • The seating area has been set out to meet allow social distancing for our customers, please DO NOT move furniture from its designated area

  • Dispose any litter in the bins provided

  • Please refrain from consuming your own food and drinks within this area, due to limited seating this area is for customers of The Terrace Bar & Café only

Booking activity sessions

  • All sessions must be booked and paid for in advance using our online booking system. There'll be no activities bookable at reception on the day.

  • For corporate enquires please contact a member of the sales team

  • Under 18's must be accompanied on site by a supervising Parent/Guardian

  • Customers must bring a copy of their booking confirmation email either on a phone or on paper for checking at reception

  • Please ensure you’ve completed the relevant safety declaration form for the activity that you’re undertaking. This will be included within your booking confirmation email or can be downloaded here:

  • White Water Raft, Rafting Unleashed, Family Rafting, Hydrospeeding, Hot Dogs 

  • Water Wipeout, Explore Kayaking and Explore Paddleboarding

  • To protect both our staff and customers and maintain social distancing where possible when taking part in your activity, all participants partaking in any water activity must be confident in the water and be able to swim unaided a minimum of 20m

Your activity session

  • We have reduced capacity and added protocols during our activity sessions to ensure the safety of our staff and customers

  • We're following team sports guidelines for our activities. Our aim is try to maintain 1m+ social distancing whenever possible

  • Our wetsuits go through an intensive cleaning process after use which involves sanitisation, washing and drying to ensure they're safe for customers to use

  • When you check in you'll be allocated a designated locker area please use this locker only

  • The capacity of our changing rooms is limited please follow the instructions on the doors and if they are full you may need to wait or move to the next one.

  • Changing rooms are only available to activity participants

  • All activity equipment is sanitised after use

  • You’ll be required to have read and signed the relevant activity declaration online via our website before arriving on site

  • Wetsuits will be issued after check in – if your activity does not include wetsuits but you wish to hire one, please do so at reception when you check in. Please note, we’re accepting card payments only

  • All equipment will be sanitised before use by customers

  • Water WipeOut - wetsuits aren’t mandatory, but those who opt for a wetsuits will be issued one after check in. A wetsuit is included within the price of your activity ticket

  • Explore Kayaking and Explore Paddleboarding – wetsuits aren’t included within the price of your activity ticket, you can add one for an additional fee. They're not mandatory to wear on these activities, however all participants are required to wear closed toe shoes and a minimum of shorts and t-shirt

At the end of the activity

  • Your supervising instructors will walk you back to the main building and collect your activity equipment to be sanitised

  • You'll enter the changing rooms via the courtyard

  • Once you have removed your wetsuit, please put it in the container provided so we can easily transport them to be cleaned

  • Please follow the changing room capacity guidance

  • We encourage all participants to shower or at least wash their hands after participating in an activity

  • If you have any question or concerns please speak to a staff member

Public paddling sessions

  • No external coaching will be permitted on either of our courses at this time

  • All bibs and equipment hired is sanitised before use

  • You'll be encouraged  to manage social distancing during the session on the course and the conveyor

  • We’re limiting eddies and river features to no more than two participants at a time

  • During the session please keep moving to ensure all participants can make full use of the water during the session.

  • Please follow any instructions given to you by the supervising activity staff members while participating in the session

  • The bank support team will be on hand to assist throughout the session

  • If you need the assistance from a staff member, please give them space Please keep all access/egress points to the course free

  • When getting on/off the course, please do so quickly

  • Please make sure bibs are returned at the end of the session

  • Reschedules will only be allowed up until 16:00 the day before your session

Lake paddling

  • Lake use will only be available during public paddling sessions

  • No external coaching will be permitted on the lake at this time

  • The lake slalom gates will not be available during the session

  • Bibs and equipment hired is sanitised before use

  • Please follow any instruction given to you the supervising activity staff members while participating in the session

  • If you need the assistance of a staff member please give them space

  • Please keep all access/egress points to the lake free

  • When getting on/off the lake please do so quickly

  • Please make sure bibs are returned at the end of the session

Leaving the site

  • Take care in the car park and be respectful of other car park users

  • If undertaking an activity make sure you have registered for parking before you leave the venue

  • We'll announce the closure of the venue over our PA system and the team will start to advise visitors to head to the exits soon after the gates will be locked; we appreciate your compliance during this process