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Booking gurantee

Keeping you safe at Lee Valley Ice Centre

Throughout the Coronavirus outbreak, keeping our visitors, staff and volunteers safe has been our top priority.

To help ensure everyone’s safety we need you to follow these instructions:

NHS Test and Trace

When visiting our venues you must check in with the NHS Test and Trace app as required by Government guidelines. Scan the QR code on the NHS Test and Trace poster which is displayed where you arrive and then complete you details. If you don’t have a smart phone or you run into any problems our staff are on hand to help. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Our staff

  • Staff on reception are protected by screens and wearing appropriate PPE. Please observe any distance markings and the limits on the number of people allowed in the communal areas – these are in place for your and our staff’s safety

Booking sessions

  • Online pre-booking and advance payment is required for all public skating sessions

  • Payment for entry to the patch/training sessions will be taken at reception by card only

  • For clubs, payment can be taken by card at Reception or BACs as shown on the invoice

  • Lessons and patch sessions need to be booked and paid for directly with the coach

Visiting the site

  • If you or anyone in your household is experiencing any signs of illness do not come to the centre

  • Hand sanitiser will be available on site but we also recommend that you bring your own as well

  • A face covering must be worn when entering and in the circulation areas to and from the Ice

  • Adult lessons and training – only the skater themselves are allowed in the venue. No one else may accompany the skater

  • Children’s lessons and training – only one adult is allowed at the centre to accompany a child skater and they must maintain social distancing protocols

  • When parking, make sure you park far enough away from anyone else to avoid contact with other people. If other people are nearby, please wait for them to go before you get out of your car

  • Once your session is finished, please leave the centre straight away via the exit doors on the right hand side of the reception as signposted

  • Lessons and training sessions - enter the centre via the reception doors, these will be locked on arrival, please wait to be let in, where the member of staff will inform you of the seating area your coach/club is using. You must then proceed straight to the area where your coach/club official will meet you

  • Changing rooms are not available for use

  • Blades Ice-Bar is closed, there are vending machines in the skate hire area. Please use the hand santiser near the machines before and after purchasing

  • The toilets on the ground floor will be available if urgently needed and will be cleaned regularly, but please try and go before coming to the venue

  • Please bring only what is needed.  Do not bring any food at all.  You may bring a drink. You must take everything home that you bring including any rubbish/bottles

  • We’ve stepped up cleaning frequency in the communal areas and the toilet facilities

Blades Ice-Bar - the cafe is currently CLOSED

  • The café can only be accessed to purchase drinks and snacks

  • A ramp is available for visitors with reduced mobility

  • When purchasing food and drink please follow the one way system which has been clearly laid out in the building

  • Please follow social distancing guidelines  and use the hand sanitiser provided while using the      facilities

  • The café can only provide limited seating at this time

  • A limited menu is currently being served

  • The seating area has been set out to meet social distancing guidelines, please DO NOT move furniture from its designated area

  • Dispose any litter in the bins provided

  • Please refrain from consuming your own food and drinks within the centre

  • No food or drinks to be taken onto the Ice

Public skating sessions

  • Public session’s timetables have changed with  limited numbers per session.

  • A maximum six per party will be allowed this is in line with Government guidance

  • Do not arrive more than 15 minutes before the start of your booked session.

  • Enter the centre via the entrance reception doors

  • A queuing system will be in place at the entrance to the centre and for skate hire and return. Please ensure you use the markings in place to maintain social distancing.

  • We have implemented a one-way system around the centre so we can maintain social distancing in all areas. Please adhere to the one-way systems in place

  • We’ll be sanitising all customer’s footwear with a sanitising aerosol before we exchange footwear for our skates

  • We’ll be sanitising all our skates with a sanitising aerosol after each use

  • We have dedicated windows for collecting and returning skates in the skate hire area.

  • Our staff will be wearing gloves when handling any footwear or skates

  • All guardians / spectators must also abide by the social distancing and hygiene protocols in place at the centre

During your training session

  • Do not arrive more than 15 minutes before the start of the lesson. You’ll be allowed entry to the centre five minutes before the start of your lesson

  • Skaters must bring their own skates that are suitable for the activity

  • All equipment to be disinfected after each use

  • All skaters to supply their own PPE they wish to wear

  • All skaters must use the hand sanitiser before entering the venue and again immediately after their lesson

  • You must be able to put on your skates and stand on the Ice without any help from the coaches

  • You must not touch any other skaters or their equipment

Ice hockey and synchro clubs

  • Do not arrive more than 20 minutes before the start of the booking. You’ll be allowed entry to the centre 15 minutes before the start of your session

  • Each club must appoint a COVID officer who will make regular contact with the Manager on duty.

  • The club must send out medical questionnaire and advise members if anyone in their household is experiencing any signs of illness to not attend the centre and call your coach / club official ASAP

  • Each club must have a full list of everyone in attendance at their sessions including their contact details which must be kept and produced if requested to.

  • Club members must maintain 2m between themselves and others at all times

  • Training sessions are to be run in Line with the Guidance from BIS

Leaving the site

  • Once your lesson is finished, please leave the centre straight away via the exit doors on the right hand side of the reception. This will be clearly signposted

  • Please take care in the car park to avoid contact with other people