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Booking gurantee

Keeping you save at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre

Throughout the Coronavirus outbreak, keeping our visitors, staff and volunteers safe has been our top priority.

To help ensure everyone’s safety we need you to follow these instructions:

NHS Test and Trace

When visiting our venues please check in with the NHS Test and Trace app. If you don’t have a smart phone or you run into any problems our team are on hand to help. 

Booking and coming to the site

  • All tennis courts must be pre-booked and paid for in advance

  • We’ll only be allowing pre-booked tennis sessions booked through our website

  • If you come as part of a group please only send one person inside at a time if necessary

  • We expect and recommend that you wear a face covering in our venues when people are nearby and especially in crowded areas

  • In order to minimise risk we would encourage 1m+ social distancing. You should limit the close contact you have with those you do not usually live with. Please be considerate of other visitors and give them space

  • If you or anyone in your household is experiencing any signs of illness do not come to the centre

  • While hand sanitiser will be available on site bring your own to have with you at all times when you play

  • When parking, make sure you park far enough away from anyone else to avoid contact with other people. If other people are nearby, please wait for them to go before you get out of your car

  • Don’t arrive more than 10 minutes before your court booking, no other services are open at the moment

  • Changing rooms, vending machines and our café are all closed.  Our toilets are open and are  clearly signposted

  • Please bring only what you need for your activity. Take everything home that you bring including any litter

  • We’re currently not hiring out any equipment, please bring your own equipment however tennis balls and some other equipment will be available for purchase at reception by card payment only

  • If parking within the car park remember to inform reception so that your registration number can be recorded to avoid a fine

  • There's no access to the drinking water fountains. If you require drinking water please ask at reception

  • Please do not alter or touch the tennis nets or hockey goals. If you require them to be altered please ask a member of staff or a coach

During your activity

  • Follow directional signage to your court or pitch

  • You cannot leave any equipment at the centre and all equipment must be taken away after session - this includes any equipment typically left in lockers

  • You’ll be told in advance which court you’ve been allocated

  • You may only use the court you’ve been allocated – don’t stray onto any adjoining courts

  • We encourage all users to  remain at least 1m from any other player, coach or centre staff

  • Follow any instructions given to you by members of our staff

  • Try to minimise touching anything other your own equipment

  • All sessions must end on time. This would typically require all users to leave the surfaces 10 minutes prior to the next booked session or before the close of the building

  • Each group should not hinder the next group accessing the court or pitch for their pre-booked sessions and refrain from social gatherings with other groups

Leaving the site

  • When you finish your activity, please leave the centre straight away

  • Take care in the car park and, if there are people near your car, wait for them to go before you get into yours. Just as with your activity, we  encourage you to not have social gatherings in the car park

  • Ensure you have entered your vehicle’s registration before leaving to obtain the four hours free parking for tennis

Our staff

  • Our Reception staff will check you in on arrival, they’re protected by screens -  these are in place for the safety of you and  our staff

  • There’ll be staff around the courts while they’re in use

  • They’ll be encouraging 1m+ social distancing and will stand back if they need to speak with you