Guidance on group sizes at our campsites

Who are you planning to visit with? The Government has set out who you can be with when you do indoor and outdoor activities. Check their latest information here.

If you’re planning to stay with us, here are the rules as they stand currently. These are subject to change and to Government review.

  • From 12 April to 16 May, you can only visit with people from your household

  • From 17 May to 20 June, you can visit in a household group of no more than six, or with one other household

  • From 21 June, restrictions should be lifted

Guidance on staying local

The Government has also set out information on when you should stay local to take part in exercise and when this rule might change. Again, these dates are the earliest that changes will happen, are subject to change and to Government review.

  • From 12 April, people should still minimise domestic travel, but overnight stays in household groups in self-contained accommodation only is allowed

  • From 17 May, there's a relaxation of more of the restrictions, and within the guidance issued currently, there’s no further mention of restrictions on domestic travel. Remaining accommodation re-opens

  • From 21 June all restrictions cease