Standard Have a Go 60 minute Lesson Gift Voucher

We're not currently selling these vouchers but if you're looking to redeem one, get in touch.

Our Have a Go sessions have recently changed to be 30 minutes only therefore we've discontinued our vouchers for 60 minute lessons.

If you have a voucher for a 60 minute lesson that you're looking to redeem please contact us  (email or call 020 8556 2629) to book your session. 

Have a Go lessons are group sessions for complete beginners, where riders can experience being on horseback in a relaxed, safe environment on well trained horses.

Riders will learn the basics from mounting to mastering trot. Riding hats and boots are free to borrow with this lesson, so why not have a go! 

Sessions run at weekends and are suitable for adults and older children aged over 16.