Hurdles Training Day

14/11/21, 10:30

14/11/21, 14:00

Lee Valley Athletics Centre




Age: 16 +

Timing: 10:30 - 14:00

This is an ideal opportunity for all one-lap hurdlers to develop your fitness and technical skills under the guidance of our experienced coaches Julie Pratt-Benterman and Brian Hopkins.

By attending these Training Days over the winter months you will be able to work with likeminded athletes who want to become better athletes, but specifically hurdlers.

During these sessions you will cover areas of training including:

  • Basic hurdle drills

  • Specific hurdle techniques

  • General running sessions

  • Specific hurdles running sessions

  • Basic conditioning

  • Specific hurdles conditioning

Athletes from any region, whether experienced, or new to the event, are welcome to attend.

Coaches are welcome and encourged to attend.

The 300m/400m Hurdles Training Days are sponsored by the Bruce Longden Coaching Foundation.

Male adult jumping over a hurdle on an outdoor track