Lee Valley Aquathlon - The race and route

Lee Valley White Water Centre
Lee Valley Aquathlon
Lee Valley White Water Centre
Station Road
Waltham Cross

The race and route

The event will take place under British Triathlon Rules.

Distances are measured (but not certified) and are recorded as:

  • Race 1:  250m swim and 2.950km run or a

  • Race 2:  500m swim and a 5.540km run. 

A route map is available here.

Participants in the two race distances will be identified by different coloured swim hats and race numbers.

Wets suits can be borrowed from Lee Valley White Water Centre if required - these are not Triathlon specific. Please ensure that you arrive in plenty of time for registration and to pick up a wetsuit if required.
Borrowed wetsuits should be returned to the large white ‘bin’ by the transition area at the end of the event.

Participants must be 18 years or older on the day of the race.


The swim will take place in the lake at Lee Valley White Water Centre and will comprise of a 250m triangular loop around three buoys. 500m swimmers will be required to complete two laps. 

The lake is on average six feet deep throughout (although it is significantly deeper in one part) and has gravel on its surface. The water is cleaned and subject to filtration processes.

Entry to the lake is via the designated steps from the main beach area. 

There will be a mass start (both race distances together) for the swim.  Participants will be instructed to enter the water 5 minutes before the start, after the briefing for a short warm up.  We request that freestyle and/or breaststroke are used by swimmers.

Throughout the swim, water safety personnel will be on the water - if you feel you need to stop, turn onto your back and raise a hand.

The start line is on the north end of the lake, adjacent to the building and transition area.

At the start signal, swim in a forward direction, to the south end of the lake, turning left at the buoy and then left again at the second buoy returning to the start point to either complete a second lap or to continue to the transition area.     

A marshal will be located at the designated point where you leave the lake, on the beach area via the steps.   

The transition area will be located directly adjacent to the steps from the exit to the water, still within Lee Valley White Water Centre venue. From the water, proceed to the transition, remove wet suit (if applicable) and put on your running shirt with the race number fastened on the front and proceed on the run.


The run route will continue directly out of the back gate of the centre into River Lee Country Park towards the bridge.  Pass over the bridge across the navigation, directly across the field through the open gate and left onto the wide surfaced pathway. Follow this for a km. Turn left at the pathway junction directly after the large water sluice. Follow the main pathway to the west, keeping south of the lakes. At the T-junction turn left in a southwards direction (away from the bridge and follow this for, which sweeps south west for approx 500m. Turn right into the main Showground field, following the grass path back towards the main bridge over the navigation. To finish, cross back over the bridge and into the back gate of the centre to the finish line.

5.5k runners need to pass the marker on the path in the Showground field by the bridge and then complete a second lap before finishing.

The route will be mainly run on surfaced pathways, although there will be some unmade paths / grass paths. The route will be traffic free and very flat.

The route will be sign posted and marshaled in key points (all turn points) to ensure that you follow the correct pathways and for your safety.


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