Slipe Lane Pits

Slipe Lane Pits

The Slipe Lane Pits Fishery is a small complex of four gravel pits, Lea, Railway, Marsh and Boot Pits; totaling 25 acres. These waters are managed jointly by Lee Valley Regional Park Authority and Turnford Angling Consortium.


These four waters contain a good head of mixed coarse fish, a number of species being found to specimen size. These include Carp, Bream, Tench and Pike. In addition, the pits, particularly Boot Pit, contain good quantities of smaller coarse fish; Roach, Rudd, Perch, Crucian Carp and a large number of Tench.


For the Carp in Railway Pit, try the middle to north end during the summer months, southern end autumn and winter. Boot Pit around the lily pads for all species.


Lea Pit has a good number of Bream and Marsh Pit has a good head of Tench. Feeder tactics will produce these. Bags of Rudd can be taken from Marsh Pit in the warmer months fishing shallow with a waggler. Observation is the key on all of the pits - look for fish movement.


Two rods maximum per angler. The Slipe Lane Complex is jointly managed by the LVRPA and the Turnford Angling Consortium (TAC). All permits for this fishery are issued with the TAC rules, conditions and disciplinary code. These rules are specific for Slipe Lane Pits only and contain individual rules for the protection of this fishery. All anglers using Slipe Lane are reminded of the jurisdiction of TAC and are expected to read the site rules. Failure to comply will result in LVRPA Slipe Lane permit holders being disciplined in accordance with the TAC code, along with all other members of the Consortium's clubs.


Season Permit water only, permits being available annually.
For season permit availability contact the Fisheries Office.


Prices can be found here: Angling and Fisheries Prices



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