Bowyers Water

Bowyers Water

This 35 acre mature water is the oldest gravel pit in the Lee Valley Park. The venue has uncluttered banks and a limited number of swims present.  Bowyers Water is full of features i.e. gravel bars, plateaus, islands and big beds of lily pads.


The water contains Specimen Carp, Tench, Bream, Rudd and Pike. Bowyers Water is predominantly fished for its good looking Carp where the majority of the fish are over 30lb including some cracking Commons.


The pit has many underwater features including bars, plateaus, gullies, tree stumps and expansive weed beds. Don't ignore the islands and shallow areas. The swims on the lake are very comfortable being formal and constructed to a very high standard.


The fish come out to most modern Carp rigs and baits, with action coming during both daytime and night.


There is a limit of three rods per angler. Anglers should be aware of fishing in the vicinity of overhead power cables. Poles are not permitted on the western bank. Known as a particularly shallow gravel pit Bowyers Water may encounter substantial aquatic weed cover during the summer months.
As a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest and a SPA RAMSAR Site, Natural England along with the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority must ensure the balance between flora and Fauna is maintained therefore please refer to rule No1.


Due to the SSSI designation Bowyers Water is managed as a limited member Day/Night Season Permit fishery therefore a waiting list is in operation for this venue. For details on the current waiting list position contact the Fisheries Office.


Prices can be found here: Angling and Fisheries Prices



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