Ashley is a picturesque 16.5 acre mature gravel pit.  There are a host of underwater features in every swim including gravel bars, plateaus, gullies, weed beds and islands.  The swims on the lake are large, formal and constructed to a very high standard.


Primarily a Carp fishery, however Pike, Tench, Bream and Rudd are also present.  Since being launched in 2001, Ashley has been stocked with fast growing Fishers Pond and Priory Fisheries strain Carp into double figures.   Many of these fish are now being caught over the 30lb mark.  A stocking of 53 Bowyers Water strain Common Carp were introduced in 2006 to complement the stock of Mirror Carp and have been caught to double figures.  In April 2010, an additional 30 Carp between 5-10lb were stocked; these are showing impressive growth rates.


Watercraft and fish location is the key.  All of the typical gravel pit features, i.e. gullies, plateaus and bars etc, should produce fish.


The stocked fish respond well to pellets.  Beds of these fished with good quality boilies over the top have produced multiple catches. The water has been lightly fished in recent years and increased usage together with pre-baiting should see a dramatic increase in fish weights. Fish are often seen on the surface during the summer months, therefore floater fishing should provide some exciting sport.  Strong tackle is a must as the fish fight very hard and the weed can be dense in certain areas.


Three rods maximum.


Ashley is run as a limited member Day/Night Season Permit fishery.  A waiting list is in operation for this fishery.  For details on permit availability contact the Lee Valley Regional Park Fisheries Office.


Prices can be found here: Angling and Fisheries Prices

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