Admirals Walk

Admirals Walk is a 25 acre open gravel pit with natural banks and informal swims. There are numerous underwater features including gravel bars, and gullies and dense submerged weed beds.


Traditionally known as a Pike water, however in recent years, since our stocking program began, the majority of anglers on Admirals Walk have targeted the specimen Carp which range from 10-40lb.  The water still contains some Pike to double figures and a head of Tench, Bream and Eels.


Find the gaps in the year-round weed beds, particularly clear areas, gravel bars and shelves.


Try Drift-Floating a deadbait to cover a larger area when targeting the Pike. The better fish tend to be caught on ledgered dead baits. Wary Carp are easily spooked, a subtle approach is required. Keep off the skyline as much as possible and use bank side vegetation for cover.  Crayfish are present so the use of air-dried and artificial baits is recommended for Carp.


Angling is from dawn to dusk only. ‘Bait’ fishing for Pike is only allowed between the 1st October and the 31st March, however the use of lures is permitted all year round. Live baits must be caught from the venue. Night fishing is not allowed and day tickets are not available for this site.
Permit holders may use a maximum of three rods.
NB – access around the lake can be difficult due to excess water, muddy terrain and grazing cattle.


The fishery is controlled as a Day Only Season Permit water.
Permits are available via postal application only from Lee Valley Regional Park Fisheries Office.


Prices can be found here: Angling and Fisheries Prices


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