Safe Skating Code

Safe Skating Code

  • This is a "NO SMOKING" building.

  • Ensure that your skates fit properly and are tied up to the top of your boot.Please ensure that your socks are pulled up sufficiently prior to tightening your laces.

  • Bags and other packages should be left in the lockers provided, lockers cost 20p and are coin retained.

  • Skate in an anti-clockwise direction unless otherwise directed.

  • You must listen and adhere to any instruction given by centre staff or instructors.

  • You must keep the centre of the ice clear.

  • Do not wear any loose items of clothing such as hats, scarves or long coats.

  • Do not skate in links of three or more.

  • Do not eat, smoke or drink on the ice.

  • Please refrain from snowballing, throwing, spraying or kicking the ice.

  • Do not sit on, or climb over the rink barrier.

  • Do not go onto the ice until directed.


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