Lee Valley Open Meeting


Lee Valley Outdoor Open Meeting

Saturday 8 April 2017

Beat your competition outdoors in our April Open Meeting!

Event timetable

Track Field
10:30 400m hurdles (U17 upwards, male) 10:00 Hammer (male)
10:30 Pole vault (all start height 1m 50+)
Long jump (U13 & U15 female)
11:00 400m hurdles (U20 upwards female)
11:15 300m hurdles (U17 female)
11:30 800m (male) 12:30 Hammer (female)
Long jump (U17 upwards female)
12:00 800m (female)
12:15 Sprint hurdles (all) 14:00 High jump (female)
13:30 100m (male) 14:30 Javelin (male)
Long jump (male)
14:45 100m (female)
15:35 400m (U15 upwards, male) 15:00 Pole vault (all start heights 3m 20+)
16:00 400m (U20 upwards female) 15:30 Shot put (female)
16:15 300m (U15 upwards male & female) 16:00 Javelin (female)
16:40 200m (male) 16:30 High jump (male)
17:15 200m (female) 17:15 Shot put (male)


£6.50 per event

Essential information

  • Closing date for entries is Monday 3 April 2017
  • Entries are limited
  • No late entries or entries on the day will be accepted
  • Entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable
  • Entries will be confirmed by email where possible
  • All events are male and female, all age groups from U13 upwards unless stated
  • There'll be four attempts for each athlete in field events
  • Numbers to be collected on the day at least 60 minutes before the start of your event. Except for Pole Vault where 90 minutes is required
  • All races will have electronic timing and will be graded by times.

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