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Challenge your limits in the VeloStudio

Get the adrenalin flowing with Power Half Hour, sit back and ride with classic movies or up the tempo in PowerFitness Studio.

VeloStudio offers cycling like no other, as you pedal to victory (maybe... depending which SUF Cycling you choose!) in the home of the iconic velodrome in London.

Keeping VeloStudio safe and clean is vital to providing a COVID secure experience for all of our users. When using the facilities you MUST follow the equipment cleaning regime that’s in place.

If users fail to clean the equipment after their use we'll need to close the studio on safety grounds.

Current sessions available to book:

Please arrive ready to take part in your session as currently all our changing rooms are closed.

Sessions to follow:

  • VeloSpin: VeloCadence
  • VeloSpin: VeloHIT
  • PowerFitness: Ride in Movie
  • PowerFitness Studio
  • RaceReady Studio
  • RaceReady: SUF Cycling Coaches
  • RaceReady: SUF Cycling Virtual
  • RaceReady: Roller session
  • RaceReady: 1:1 VeloStuido Fitness and Performance Testing


PowerFitness sessions

Power Half Hour

30 minutes
Minimum height 5ft 1in / 155cm
Maximum height 7ft 1in / 215cm
Minimum age 14

Power through to breakfast or a lunch time reward with this high intensity session. Get ready for the day ahead or beat the afternoon lull in the office after pounding the pedals on a Matrix bike!

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One hour
Minimum height 5ft 1in / 155cm
Maximum height 7ft 1in / 215cm
Minimum age 14

Synced with pulse-pounding music pedal across the world's most breath taking and challenging roads, forests, mountains and more on a Matrix bike! A virtual coach will coax you and push you to your max.

VeloStudio cyclists

RaceReady sessions

SUF Cycling

SUF Cycling

One to two hours
Minimum height 4ft 11ins / 150cm
Maximum height 7ft 1in / 215cm
Minimum age 14

You'll be transported to the heart of the world's greatest races from the mountains of Le Tour de France to the cobbles of Paris-Roubaix!

These videos are categorised Simple, Intermediate or Complex based on the complexity of the workout.

Don't know which SUF Cycling session to choose? Take a look at the Sufferfest Menu of Suffering and our monthly calendars now!

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VeloStudio cyclists

Pay and Ride


Using either our Matrix or Wattbikes, train at your own pace and your own tunes with our VeloStudio Pay and Ride sessions. There's no need to book, simply turn up during the session times (which can be found in our monthly calendar at the top of this page), hop on a bike and get cycling!


Do I need to be an athlete?

The VeloStudio programme caters for all abilities. Whether you want to simply keep fit, or are an athlete training for competition.

What is the difference between a Wattbike and Matrix bike?

Both bikes use Watts and heart rate to measure power and intensity for workouts and sessions. The Matrix bikes use a colour system to easily show the power you’re riding at, and sessions are tailored around Coach by Color® programmes. Wattbikes include an extensive range of features that measure power, pedalling efficiency, left and right leg individual power measurement and much more, to enable riders to test and evaluate performance. Whatever your preference or goals, either bike is designed to meet your needs and more.

What sessions do you provide?

The VeloStudio programme has a range of sessions for all abilities, including Coached Matrix Fitness & Wattbike sessions, virtual coach Matrix sessions, and Sufferfest training videos. We also have dedicated pay and ride timeslots where you can do your own personal training and we offer a range of 1 to 1 consultations with our Lee Valley VeloPark coaches.

What are Sufferfest training videos?

Sufferfest are widely known as some of the best cycling training videos in the world. They are high-intensity interval workouts designed by world class coaches, complete with music, clear instructions and official footage from the Tour de France, World Championships and more. These sessions are suitable for beginners through to athletes.

What pedals do the bikes have?

With all bikes it’s possible to use trainers as the pedals can be adapted. On both Wattbike and Matrix bikes the pedals have the SPD pedal system, commonly found on most gym bikes. Wattbikes also have the ability to use the Look Keo system found on our velodrome track hire bikes.

What should I wear?

Lightweight technical gym wear, or cycling specific clothing is suitable for the VeloStudio. Please ensure you have trainers to wear to walk around the studio if using cycling shoes. You may get hotter than riding a moving bike, so cool clothing is essential.

Do you provide towels?

There are paper towel dispensers in the studio, but towels are not provided.

Can I use my heart rate monitor strap on the bikes?

Yes, you can link any ANT+ heart rate strap to our Wattbikes and any POLAR 5.5khz Analogue heart rate strap to our Matrix Bikes.

What is the minimum age to use the studio?

The minimum age for the studio is 14 years old. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Is there a minimum height?

The minimum height for Matrix bikes is 155cm / 5ft 1in and for Wattbikes is 150cm/ 4ft 11in

Is there a maximum weight?

The maximum weight for VeloStudio bikes is 150 kg / 23 stone 8 lbs.


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