Environmental pledges

We’re extremely committed to helping protect our fragile environment, see how we try to minmise our environmental impact.

We want to show how together we can show how just one person when added to everybody else can help change the world just one single pledge at a time.

Here are some of our visitor pledges:

Laycock Primary School

I would like to take my mum to this nice park and I would like to bring my family here – Mia

I think this park is wonderful for people to know about nature. I would love to bring my family here they would love it – Maliah

I love finding stuff, I love my family to come. It felt like a treasure hunt. I love to have a map and compass – Theresa

I would like to bring my mum, sister or anyone else to come here and I am now more interested in nature, this is great! – Ruby

I think this park has inspired me to look properly at flowers – Harley

The trip to Lee Valley Park has inspired me to take more care of plants – Zainab

I think the park is fascinating because it has unique animals such as geese – Aminah

I promise to take care of animals with all my heart – Natalie

I promise to always recycle all my rubbish and care of trees and animals – Shelby

I think this park has inspired me to look properly at flowers – Sahara

The trip to Lee Valley Park has inspired me to take more care of plants

(Zainab, Laycock Primary School)

Bourn Acadmey

I am not going to litter or pick flowers – Ahia

I will recycle as many things as possible! – Stephanie

Do not pick flowers

I am not going to drop my rubbish on the floor – Dan

To not pick wild flowers and to not go in the car as much. I will cycle or walk – Brooke

I won’t use the car as much, I will walk instead. Also, I won’t pick wild flowers – Alice

I will recycle lots of stuff like glass, paper and lots of other stuff – Matthew

Shapla Primary School, London

The year 3 class have pledged to respect animals.

1st Upshire Guides

Text          Text

Amalie                                                                Emily


Text          Text
Leigh                                                                    Paige


Please keep your pledges coming, send them to us at youthandschools@leevalleypark.org.uk

This page will be updated regularly with new pledges chosen by the Youth and Schools team. We cannot guarantee all pledges will be displayed online.

Environmental impact of Youth & Schools

At Lee Valley Regional Park Youth & Schools Service we understand the importance of sustainability and the environmental impact we have on the world. We are constantly striving to minimise our carbon footprint through a variety of basic, sensible actions such as:

  • Using only recycled paper for printing.
  • Recycling our old paper.
  • Providing recycled pencils to the students who visit us in the park.
  • Giving recycled prizes such as key rings made from vending machine cups or yoyos made from old CD cases.
  • Limiting the use of Youth and Schools vehicles by sharing journeys where appropriate.
  • Offering the use of bicycles to all our staff.
  • We have an online paperless  comments and feedback system

We encourage respect for the environment in all our programmes through information and practical recycling tasks, we also ensure all litter produced by our students is returned to schools with them to be recycled helping not only the environment but also engendering a sense of ownership of the natural world.

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