Paws b Mindfulness programme

Key subject: PSHE

Classroom-based mindfulness curriculum

Over a course of 12 sessions students are introduced to the concept of mindfulness by Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) trained staff. Linking with all aspects of the curriculum this programme is ideal for PPA sessions, SEN pupils, targeted groups and extracurricular clubs.

Pupils are guided through an engaging series of mindfulness and wellbeing techniques working in large and small groups as well as partnership work. Activities include exploring our amazing brain, attention training, noticing the ‘wobble’ finding a steady place and nurturing kindness and happiness.

Session covers: Awareness of mindfulness and wellbeing, how the brain works, relationships, how to manage emotions, focus on concentration, exploring and developing ideas and how to successfully use mindfulness techniques in and outside of school.

Suitable for: KS2

Session times: Flexible

Venue: in school

Available: All year