White water rafting

Celebrations at Lee Valley White Water Centre

Plunge into your birthday celebrations on the rapids at Lee Valley White Water Centre - it's a party waiting to happen.

You’ll be kitted out by our team with wetsuits, wet boots, helmets and buoyancy aids. Once you’ve got your kit on you’ll be introduced to your raft guide who will help you navigate the drops and eddies of the rapids.

First things first, they’ll talk you through the basic skills and safety elements of rafting. You’ll then paddle across our lake and complete our Activity Assessment.

After you've conquered the rapids one of our team will show you to your reserved area in The Terrace Bar & Café where it's time to carry on the celebrations with a bite to eat and drink.

Package includes:

  • White Water Raft Charter 

  • A reserved area at The Terrace Bar & Café for your group

  • A meal for everyone afterwards (vegetarian option available)*

  • Three pitchers of beer or three bottles of Prosecco**

Age and weight restrictions

  • All participants must be aged 14+ and weigh under 18 stone

  • Participants aged under 18 years must have our Parental Consent Form signed by their legal      parent/guardian before being able to participate in a water based activity at the centre

*Meals are provided for the rafters only. For any additional meals, the catering team will get in touch by email a week prior to the event to confirm

**Over 18s only - for those under 18 a selection of soft drinks are available