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Frequently asked questions

Home Owner premium WiFi Help & FAQs

How does the installation work?

We'll have a set of dates for the customers to choose a day and timeslot for the engineer to attend and install your new WiFi. This requires a router being installed in your holiday home near a power socket. We suggest the living room for best coverage. A cable will then need to be run on the external of your holiday home with a small aerial mounted. Please note installation times can vary on the day.

How long will installation take?

Installation should take no longer than two hours for cabling and testing purposes.

Do I own the equipment?

No, the router will remain property of Lee Valley Regional Park Authority (the Authority) and needs to be returned at the end of your contract. The aerial will remain property of yourselves.

What speeds can I expect?

Up to 40Mbps download / 20Mbps upload. Ideal for live-streaming, downloading films and watching videos. Please note: the more devices connected can affect this.

Are there any data usage limits?

No, unlike a 4G router we offer unlimited download/upload.

How many devices can I connect?

Up to 250 can be connected.

Do you block certain websites?

Yes some categories of websties are blocked. Full details of what's allowed or blocked can be see on  this spreadsheet.

Will I have to log into a portal?

No, you'll have a dedicated SSID which allows you to connect your devices direct to the internet without any splash page login required.

Can I change my WiFi SSID? (Name)

Yes, you can customise a pre-fixed SSID & password which fits NIST guidelines. For example:

SSID: Plot 66

Password: tMzSj%6k

Can I use a VPN?


What if I'm having issues connecting to the internet?

We ask users to firstly try rebooting their router. If the issue persists please contact Reception or out of hours please contact 0344 848 9555. You can also raise faults by emailing

If the equipment has a hardware fault, please allow up to five working days from raising the issue to resolution.

What is the warranty?

All the while you're in contract you're covered in warranty for free replacements if the hardware is found to be faulty. If the damage is not manufacturers, i.e. accidental damage then a £150 charge will apply.

How long am I in contract for?

Your contract is for a minimum term of 11 months and will become a monthly rolling after that.

What is the cancellation notice?

The Authority require 30 days notice  – you can cancel anytime after the initial 11 months of your contract by contacting

If you have any questions, please email

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