Cycling in Lee Valley

There's miles of traffic-free cycling routes across Lee Valley Regional Park covering 10,000 acres in London, Essex and Hertfordshire.

It's perfect for family cycling or for those who want more than just a leisurely ride over 27 miles of pathway are linked to Sustrans National Cycle Network Route 1. If you don't have a bike, don't worry, there's cycle hire at Broxbourne Old Mill and Meadows in Hertfordshire.

Cyclists code of conduct

  • Always give way to pedestrians on shared use paths
  • Ensure your bike is safe to use
  • Do not expect to use paths for high speed travel
  • Always follow the highway code
  • Be considerate and courteous to all users. Remember some people may have hearing or sight impairments
  • Carry a bell and use it, or say excuse me as you approach all other users
  • Shared use paths are not suitable for cycling in larger groups than eight
  • Ride in single file, especially around bends and where the path is narrow
  • Slow down at path junctions, bridges and bends



Cycling routes in the Lee Valley


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