Lee Valley Athletics Centre

Sporting facilities in London for athletes of all levels

Just one look at the award winning athletics centre tells you this is an elite location, one that trained gold medallists like Greg Rutherford and Jonnie Peacock for London 2012.

Yet while the very best train here, absolutely everyone is welcome to take advantage of this amazing place. So whether you’re already into athletics or just interested in learning something new for the fun of it, the largest indoor and outdoor athletics centre in the south of England is for you.


Challenge Central Fitness

The Challenge Central Fitness initiative is a unique way of training, staying motivated and building a community whilst smashing those fitness goals. Members can choose a team; Wild Cats, Mad Dogs or Fiery Foxes and earn points for their respective team. This can be done by completing various challenges

We will be offering a great range of gym equipment, an exciting class timetable, plus a range of innovative services to help you achieve your goals!


Our services:

  • Cardiovascular equipment 
  • Resistance kits 
  • Fitness classes
  • Gym challenges
  • Fitness and nutrition advice


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Lee Valley Athletics Centre

Lee Valley Leisure Complex
Meridian Way
London N9 0AR

020 8344 7230

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