Lee Valley Disc Golf Course

Lee Valley Disc Golf

Disc golf

What is disc golf?

Disc golf can be enjoyed by people of all ages, walks of life and physical ability. It's just like ‘stick and ball’ golf the main difference being it is played by throwing a flying disc into a metal target instead of hitting a ball into a hole. The aim of the game is to get the disc into the baskets from the tee in the fewest throws.

Where you can play

You can play disc golf in the River Lee County Park, within Cheshunt Marsh area. The easiest way to get to the disc golf course is by parking at Lee Valley White Water Centre and talking a short stroll through the centre, exit via the back gate into River Lee Country Park from there follow the footpath which will lead you onto the disc golf site.

Where to buy

A disc can be purchased at Lee Valley White Water Centre or at YHA London Lee Valley. Alternatively you may have a frisbee of your own which you can use.

Lee Valley White Water Centre charges £10 per disc. Score cards are free and can be collected from the centre or downloaded here.

Getting started

  • It is advised that players should warm up before playing disc golf. A quick game of throw and catch is a great way to get in the zone.
  • You should take it in turns to tee off youngest to oldest.
  • The person who is furthest away from the target, the ‘away player’, should always throw next. The other players should stay behind the thrower and remain still and quiet until the disc is released.
  • After the tee shot, players must throw with the front foot up to 30cm directly behind the point where their disc came to rest from the previous thrower.
  • For all throws more than 10m away from the target, players are allowed to step through after their throw. When throwing from inside the 10m zone players should establish balance before stepping forward.

Safety and out-of-bounds

  • Non-players and passers-by have ‘right of way’. Do not throw until the space ahead is clear.
  • When another player is throwing their disc the safest place to stand is at least 5
    metres behind them. Please note that some novice players may be
    unpredictable - it is not unheard of for discs to fly out of the hand in completely
    the wrong direction!
  • All footpaths, the stream and the canal are out-of-bounds (‘O.B.’)
  • A disc shall be considered O.B. when it comes to rest and it is clearly and completely surrounded by the O.B. area.
  • If a disc enters the stream or canal, players are strongly advised NOT to attempt to retrieve their disc. These areas are dangerous!



Download your Disc Golf score card

Download your Disc Golf score card


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